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The Affair 1×04 Review

I don’t believe that there are good people and bad people. Maybe sociopaths, but beyond that I think we’re all just trying to do our best to get by. (Alison)

Holy Mother of all screenwriters, what an amazing episode! Definitely, the best episode so far. And I was wrong, so wrong. Continue reading The Affair 1×04 Review

The Affair “Parallel Lives” – Review (ep. 2)

“ I got married young. Straight out of college. I had a great girlfriend. She was beautiful. She was rich. She was kind of artsy, and I wanted to be beautiful, rich and artsy, so I married her. And I loved her. I should mention that. I did love her. I still love her. But if I had to do it again I…I’d have waited just a little bit longer…given myself a little more time to…see who I might become. There’s this hypothesis in theoretical physics that I used to love back at school, about time travel. About what would happen if you could travel back in time and make a different choice in your past, how that would affect your life in the future. So the theory goes that, um, your true life, your first life,continues as it, unchanged, but at the moment of decision, a new life splits off along a tangent into a parallel universe. So you could, in a way… live both life.”

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