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Madam Secretary “The Operative” Review

‘I know why you got me here. It’s to intimidate me, to soften me up.”

Most of the comments I’ve read about this episode refer to the fact that it had the Snowden factor. Some of them hailed it as a good idea, others were less enthusiastic. Continue reading Madam Secretary “The Operative” Review

Madam Secretary 1×02 “First Days Are the Hardest”

You ever heard that saying “First days at the office are the hardest”? The same applies to new TV shows. The first episodes are the toughest, as they are fully scrutinized, then praised or loathed without a shadow of a doubt. Some of them remain in the middle: you can get that it’s a good show, but you also expect from it “to spread its wings and fly high”. This is the case of Madame Secretary who in its second week still feels a little bit uneasy. Continue reading Madam Secretary 1×02 “First Days Are the Hardest”

Madam Secretary 1×01 “Pilot” Review

“Madam Secretary” made its debut last night on CBS pairing with “The Good Wife” for a Sunday night drama. It was an asserted move if you take into consideration that both Elizabeth McCord and Alicia Florrick are birds of a feather:  both of them are strong, independent women, unwilling to follow the rules of others. The comparison between the two should stop here as the worlds in which they both live is as different as night from day. Continue reading Madam Secretary 1×01 “Pilot” Review

Madam Secretary Poster&Trailer

Although I’m not very convinced about the premise of the show, I’m willing to give it a try. Reasons? Well, Tim Daly, for one. Second, Madam Secretary reminds me of “West Wing” – it must be all the White House stuff. So, what harm can it come from watching the first episodes?

Madam Secretary premieres September 21, 2014.

Continue reading Madam Secretary Poster&Trailer