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HBO’s best and newest shows teased

…in a video publicized today, HBO has teased the 2015 shows and TV movies that are going to grace the TVs all around the world. Among these are the upcoming seasons of “Looking”, “Girls”, “Veep”, “Silicon Valley”, “The Leftovers”, “Game of Thrones”, as well as the new shows “Togetherness”, “Westworld”, “Project Greenlight”, “Vice” and the most awaited “Bessie” TV Movie.


HBO’s “Looking” is looking good – Trailer

This day is getting better and better! HBO just released the trailer of the second season of “Looking” and ….yes! yes! yes!…. Scott Bakula is back for the second season as well. I love him and I’m so glad to see him on the show. Although I adore Jonathan Groff, the pair Scott Bakula makes with Murray Bartlett tops it all (no pun intended!)

“Looking” returns January, 11 at 10PM on HBO

Looking Season 2 Teaser

Finally, we get to see a glimpse of the second season of “Looking”, one of the best shows around. I know that comparisons with QAF will always be around, but I truly, really enjoy this series. I started watching it because I loved Andrew Haigh’s Weekend. I love Looking even more because of that. PS: Scott Bakula is nowhere to be seen. :(.

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