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The AIDS Quilt in Television – a Short Review of TV Movies that Shaped Television

World AIDS Day is held on 1 December each year and is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died. World AIDS Day was the first ever global health day and the first one was held in 1988. ( World AIDS Day)

One of the first means of raising AIDS awareness was of course, by means of television. In fact, I remember that the first ldyhynmgjfgvwommzijntime I’d heard about this disease was while I was watching “St. Elsewhere”, a medical series that was running on NBC. It was 1986 and AIDS was in full bloom, but very few dared to talk about. At least, not on the mainstream media. A year earlier, Rock Hudson had died, an event that shook to the core the idea that AIDS could happen only to …”them”, but still, AIDS and AIDS related topics were rarely featured on the conservative television screen of the 1980s. As I was saying, one of the first major characters that “came out” as HIV positive or AIDS stricken was Dr. Robert Caldwell (Mark Harmon), a womanizing doctor on “St. Elsewhere.” I imagine that at the time the showrunners had difficulties bringing onto the small screen such a character, especially since the audience associated AIDS only to homosexuals and drug addicts. Dr. Robert Caldwell was the first heterosexual character that had AIDS, the first leading man that died of AIDS, and thus marked an exceptional moment in television. Continue reading The AIDS Quilt in Television – a Short Review of TV Movies that Shaped Television

Aaliyah Teaser (Lifetime Promo)

After some controversy, Lifetime began promoting their upcoming TV movie Aaliyah. The teaser, however short, allows a glimpse into a story that is set to retell the life of R&B queen Aaliyah who was tragically killed in a plane crash in 2001. Continue reading Aaliyah Teaser (Lifetime Promo)

Deliverance Creek – Review

Deliverance Creek made its debut on Lifetime last night with gunshots, outlaws, slaves, fierce leading ladies and two hours of good TV entertainment. Penned by Nicholas Sparks, written by Melissa Carter (Jane by Design) and presented as a television event, the TV Movie (which I feel) served also as a pilot, has left the gate wide open for a possible series. Continue reading Deliverance Creek – Review

Deliverance Creek – Behind the Scenes

Deliverance Creek is a show about a family who is struggling through the end of the Civil War, it is a story told from a female perspective, but still it has the outlaws, it has the horses and the guns, it has revenge, and lust and love and betrayal.

Continue reading Deliverance Creek – Behind the Scenes