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Kingdom “Eat Your Own Cooking” Review

After last night’s episode, I realized one thing: if Kingdom had an episode in which all the characters would said just “blah, blah, blah” ( literally saying just blah, blah, blah), I would still enjoy it as much as I enjoyed each episode so far. Kingdom’s strength lies in the way it’s filmed, how it’s acted, the poetry of it all. It’s such a good show that I can feel the taste of drama in my mouth. Even when it’s not happening much.

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Kingdom 1×04 “Flower” Recap

  “Is it weird being a flower in a business of brutes?
  “No, I can be a pretty hard bitch.”
Unfortunately, due to some work, I’m late with many of my reviews/recaps, but I couldn’t let Kingdom pass. No, sir! Not a chance. I’ve been wishing and praying and hoping for this episode ever since the last minute of the previous one. Folks, brace yourselves…this is the episode that shows some sweet bare ass. Amen!
Spoilers below…

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Kingdom ” Set Yourself on Fire” & Glass Eye” Review

Self-destruction is self-obsession.

When a TV show starts asking the big questions, you know you must remain to hear the answers. And Kingdom is all about the ballsy questions.

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DirecTV’s ‘Kingdom’ Star Matt Lauria on the Life of an MMA Fighter, ‘Parenthood’ Return

Kingdom. Definitely a MUST SEE of this fall. It has everything you wish for in a great drama series: an excellent cast (five stars for Matt Lauria and Jonathan Tucker), a beautifully crafted script and great dialogues. DO NOT miss it, guys! If you still doubt it, you can find out more about Matt Lauria’s role and the Kindgom series in this interesting interview from Variety.com