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Fortitude – Official Trailer

I hate this new trend of teasing a trailer, what’s the point I wonder? Well, anyway, Fortitude has released yet another trailer for the upcoming series that debuts January 29 on Pivot. Stanley Tucci marks the lead role as DCI Morton, a detective who investigates a crime in an isolated, but full of secrets community of Fortitude.

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“Tell Me a Story” – 10 Music Videos with Touching Storylines

Madonna’s controversial “Like a Prayer” was the first music video I’ve ever seen.  It was the beginning the ’90s and MTV was making an entrance in my country, which was about the greatest thing to happen that year. Needless to say that I was just blown over by Madonna’s video imagery. Not by the controversy though, as I didn’t know there were people who had issues with a brunette girl who liked to pray a lot (I hardly knew who Madonna was). I also imagined, rather naively, that that every music video had to have a storyline. That wasn’t so, yet there are some who impress me every time and with I could watch on and on. What can I say? I love stories.

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