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First Teaser for the upcoming NBC series “The Slap”

coming soon…February 12 on NBC!

It’s Hector’s 40th birthday, and his wife is throwing him a big party with lots of friends, family and food for what will undoubtedly be a happy, celebratory day. Or so they think. As Hector tries to navigate family politics, awkward friendships and the younger woman he’s secretly seeing on the side, the built-up tension explodes when Hector’s hotheaded cousin slaps another couple’s misbehaving child. Everyone is understandably stunned, and the party abruptly ends – with the child’s parents vowing legal action as they leave. But what the hosts and guests don’t know is that this moment will ignite a chain of events that will uncover long-buried secrets within this group of friends and family… and vigorously challenge the core values of everyone involved.

From Writer Jon Robin Baitz (“Brothers & Sisters”), Executive Producers Walter F. Parkes and Laurie MacDonald (“Gladiator,” “Men in Black” franchise) and Director Lisa Cholodenko (“The Kids Are All Right”), comes this unflinching look at how one little slap… can have a huge impact.

Peter Sarsgaard stars as Hector, Uma Thurman plays Anouk, Melissa George is Rosie, Thandie Newton is Aisha, Zachary Quinto plays Harry, Brian Cox is Manolis, Owen Tanzer is Rocco and Penn Badgley is portraying Jamie.

“The Slap” Premieres Thursday, Feb. 12 at 8 p.m. before “The Blacklist.”

Source: NBC

HBO’s “Looking” is looking good – Trailer

This day is getting better and better! HBO just released the trailer of the second season of “Looking” and ….yes! yes! yes!…. Scott Bakula is back for the second season as well. I love him and I’m so glad to see him on the show. Although I adore Jonathan Groff, the pair Scott Bakula makes with Murray Bartlett tops it all (no pun intended!)

“Looking” returns January, 11 at 10PM on HBO

“Outlander”1×06 Frank & Claire & Jaime Extended Scene/ Deleted Scenes

I might have been busy lately, but this is not to be missed. Starz decided to keep us longing for more “Outlander” and they began posting deleted/extended scenes from the first half of the season.

I know I’ve said many times that I feel for Frank. It’s true. I find him a decent man, who loves his wife and doesn’t deserve what is coming to him. And this extended scene that Starz quite graciously shared with us, makes me pity him even more. Oh, Frank! On the other hand there’s the love between Jaime and Claire that is magic. What to do, what to do?