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HBO’s best and newest shows teased

…in a video publicized today, HBO has teased the 2015 shows and TV movies that are going to grace the TVs all around the world. Among these are the upcoming seasons of “Looking”, “Girls”, “Veep”, “Silicon Valley”, “The Leftovers”, “Game of Thrones”, as well as the new shows “Togetherness”, “Westworld”, “Project Greenlight”, “Vice” and the most awaited “Bessie” TV Movie.


Fortitude – Official Trailer

I hate this new trend of teasing a trailer, what’s the point I wonder? Well, anyway, Fortitude has released yet another trailer for the upcoming series that debuts January 29 on Pivot. Stanley Tucci marks the lead role as DCI Morton, a detective who investigates a crime in an isolated, but full of secrets community of Fortitude.

Mozart in the Jungle – Trailer

When I first saw the pilot episode of “Mozart in the Jungle” (during the 2014 Amazon original pilot season), I didn’t pay too much attention to it and missed the gist completely. Now, I just finished re-watching it on Amazon Prime and I can’t wait to see the rest of the series. In case you don’t know anything about it, please, please, please check it out ’cause it’s amazing.   Continue reading Mozart in the Jungle – Trailer

HBO’s “Looking” is looking good – Trailer

This day is getting better and better! HBO just released the trailer of the second season of “Looking” and ….yes! yes! yes!…. Scott Bakula is back for the second season as well. I love him and I’m so glad to see him on the show. Although I adore Jonathan Groff, the pair Scott Bakula makes with Murray Bartlett tops it all (no pun intended!)

“Looking” returns January, 11 at 10PM on HBO