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HBO’s best and newest shows teased

…in a video publicized today, HBO has teased the 2015 shows and TV movies that are going to grace the TVs all around the world. Among these are the upcoming seasons of “Looking”, “Girls”, “Veep”, “Silicon Valley”, “The Leftovers”, “Game of Thrones”, as well as the new shows “Togetherness”, “Westworld”, “Project Greenlight”, “Vice” and the most awaited “Bessie” TV Movie.


Lana Del Rey’s “I Can fly” & “Big Eyes” available on Soundcloud

Such a happy day!  The two Lana Del Rey songs that are going to be part of Tim Burton’s upcoming feature film “Big Eyes” are available on Soundcloud. Listen to them and be prepared to be amazed!

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Grantchester Renewed for Second Season

Good News! ITV commissioned the second season of “Grantchester”, the murder mystery based on James Runcie book series, revolving around a parish priest who investigates criminal cases. According to, the series performed well in its first season, averaging 6.6 million viewers and a 24 percent share for ITV. Continue reading Grantchester Renewed for Second Season

This Week on Stalker, Jane the Virgin & some other stuff

This week’s been again rather busy for me, but I’m trying to write on the blog as often as possible. I could hardly see any of the shows I’m currently watching or if I’ve seen them I’ve been half asleep. Still,l I couldn’t miss Stalker and Jane the Virigin (at least that) and I’ll rapidly review them now. Some spoilers though! Continue reading This Week on Stalker, Jane the Virgin & some other stuff

Mary Louise Parker Out, Uma Thurman In

There’s been a change in the cast of “The Slap”. Uma Thurman is replacing Mary Louise Parker who was previously announced to play the lead road in the remake of the Australian mini-series “The Slap”. According to, Mary Louise Parker contracted pneumonia and needs to recover. The 8 part series ordered by NBC months earlier sees Zachary Quinto,Thandie Newton and Peter Sarsgaard in a family drama which starts the day a man slaps a child for misbehavior. The tension quickly escalates to something more.

Filming is currently underway in New York and is expected to premiere on NBC in 2015.

Starz’s Magic City Brought to Life (Photos)

…on the big screen, at least. reports that Starz’s Magic City is headed to the big screen with some A-list actors attached to it: Bruce Willis and Bill Murray among others. Some of the original actors will be part of the project as well. See the original news Here Continue reading Starz’s Magic City Brought to Life (Photos)

Marco Polo Official Netflix Trailer

And finally the moment has arrived! Netflix proudly presents another of its original series Marco Polo, produced by The Weinstein Company. The trailer you can watch below sees heroes, villains, fights, sensuality collide to give birth to a brand new world set in the early years of Kublai Khan’s ruling . The title role of the series belongs to Italian actor Lorenzo Richelmy who is at his first collaboration with a US production. Other stars joining him are Joan Chen (The Last Emperor, Twin Peaks), Chin Han (Arrow) and Benedict Wong (Prometheus). Marco Polo will be available on Netflix US, December 12, 2014. Continue reading Marco Polo Official Netflix Trailer