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Outlander “Both Sides Now” Review (Mid-Season Finale)

Last I was here, I was Claire Randall. Then Claire Beauchamp. Then Claire Fraser,”

Starz did it again. Last night’s episode was a blast!

If there is a better way to leave the viewers wanting for more, then I want to know what it is. The episode was everything you wished and hoped for in a (mid-)season finale: romance, fights, highlanders, adventure, emotions, twists and turn and an excellent dialogue. Fast-paced, unlike some previous episodes, “Both Sides Now” changed the rules of the game and gave the viewers the preview of a “darker season 2” (actually a second half) as Ronald D. Moore had already announced.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 3.54.18 PM

Spoilers below…read only if you have seen the episode. Continue reading Outlander “Both Sides Now” Review (Mid-Season Finale)