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“Tell Me a Story” – 10 Music Videos with Touching Storylines

Madonna’s controversial “Like a Prayer” was the first music video I’ve ever seen.  It was the beginning the ’90s and MTV was making an entrance in my country, which was about the greatest thing to happen that year. Needless to say that I was just blown over by Madonna’s video imagery. Not by the controversy though, as I didn’t know there were people who had issues with a brunette girl who liked to pray a lot (I hardly knew who Madonna was). I also imagined, rather naively, that that every music video had to have a storyline. That wasn’t so, yet there are some who impress me every time and with I could watch on and on. What can I say? I love stories.

1. Kodaline – All I Want

I find it perfect. Without being an original idea – it’s still the Beauty and the Beast -, the music video, that could play out as a short movie as well, tells the story of a disfigured man trying to find his place and love in this world. The story is tear-jerking ( I cried like a baby the first time I’ve seen it). The band released a second part of the video, but I prefer this one.

2. Katy Perry – The one that got away
Of all the Katy Perry music videos, this is the one that I like best. Of course, it helps that Diego Luna is in it. Not to mention Johnny Cash’s music at the end. Just perfect.
3. Luis Miguel – La Incondicional
Luis Miguel is a legendary performer in Latin American, with a career spanning more than 40 years. Also one of the first artists to use storylines in his videos. This 8 minute long video (... that must have been quite the budget for that time) is the Latin version of ‘Officer and Gentleman” or “Top Gun” if you want. Great music as well, and definitely one of my favorite songs ever.
4. Bronski Beat – Small town boy
Too bad that the story of a gay young man bullied in a provincial town is still relevant today. It’s time for this video to be rediscovered.
5. Britney Spears – Everytime
The last video before Britney’s famous breakdown in 2007. An even more touching music video because of that. Poor rich perfect diva!
6. Ricardo Arjona – Minutos
My favorite Latin American singer. A true poet and a feminist, I don’t know any other artist who’s dedicated so many songs to women and women’s problems as he did. This video follows the events of “El Problema” ( a previous musical video) which details how the “hero” ends up in prison. Filmed on location in a Argentinian prison. The ending is heart-breaking, but the only ending possible.
7. Mylene Farmer – Libertine & Pourvu qu’elles soient douces
It was hard for me to choose which video to post. In the end, I decided for the two that made Mylene Farmer – the Greatest French Music & Video Icon. “Libertine” is the story of an androgynous courtesan in the 18th century who pays  – maybe – with her life for falling in love. If she dies or not, you must watch also the second video entitled “Pourvu qu’elles soient douces” (Let’s hope they are soft)
*Caution though: both videos contain plenty of nudity.
8. Papa Don’t Preach – Madonna
Remember Madonna’s pixie look? Oh yes, it was the glorious ’80s. And of course, Madonna was still his Italian daddy’s girl. The Catholic Church criticized the video that featured the theme of a pregnant teen, but who could stop Maddie from taking over the world?
9. Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony – No me ames
Again one of those songs which make you cry. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony covered an Italian San Remo winning song about a couple having to overcome the adversities of life.  The video speaks for itself. Perfection!
10. Cranberries – Animal Instinct
I don’t know how many of you remember this music video by Cranberries. If not, you should revisit it right now. When I first see it, it stuck with me for weeks, and from time to time I wish that the mother in this video found a way to put her life on track and never have her children removed from her.  Awesome song as well!

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