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TV Review: State of Affairs

“State of Affairs” has made its debut this week on NBC, as you all know. Good or bad? Well, let’s see.

First of all, it is my undying conviction that any premise of a TV show is strong enough to deliver a successful series. Well,2014_1030_StateOfaffairs-About-AltImage-1920x1080_CS that is if the execution of the series is equally strong and masterfully crafted (storyline, acting and dialogue). “State of Affairs” is NBC’s proposal to the line-up of political TV series that are flooding on the small screen these days: “Homeland”, “The Tyrant”, “Madame Secretary”, “Scandal” and “The Good Wife” have performed pretty well (some of them even excellent) so far as they mixed in a hot pot politics, affairs of the heart, internal and external terrorism. So does “State of Affairs”. Or at least, it tries. The series has it all. And by all I mean, in excess. And that’s the bad news.

Charleston Tucker (Katherine Heigl), in charge of the President’s Daily Briefing, is the “there’s nothing I can’t do it” type of woman. She hardly sleeps, yet she’s fresh as a daisy at all times. Anyone knows that there is so much a body can takeState of Affairs - Season Pilot especially under a stressful job or a hectic lifestyle. Charlie also prepares the debriefing for the president in the morning, yet she has time to save the world during the day.  She’s always on top of things, she knows it all, she solves it all. Who is this girl, anyway? Super Briefing Woman?

The pilot episode also gathered too many storylines , as if more meant more. I couldn’t be sure if the episode was about the kidnapped doctor in Somalia who is the vivid image of the former deceased fiance, or the ongoing hunt for a fictional Arab terrorist, or the mystery of the events from a year ago when she lost the love of her life. In doing so, there was something lost, something organic that could have marked the series as a Must Watch. I know it’s only the pilot episode, theoretically it can improve in the following episodes, but such a start is a weak one.

MV5BMTY3MTkyMjE1Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjgyNTI0MzE@._V1_SX640_SY720_The most intriguing character of the series remains Lucas Newsome (Adam Kaufman), the new CIA director briefer who without saying much establishes himself as a major player. Is he the good guy? The bad one? We don’t know. Only the following episodes will clarify this.


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