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This Week on Stalker, Jane the Virgin & some other stuff

This week’s been again rather busy for me, but I’m trying to write on the blog as often as possible. I could hardly see any of the shows I’m currently watching or if I’ve seen them I’ve been half asleep. Still,l I couldn’t miss Stalker and Jane the Virigin (at least that) and I’ll rapidly review them now. Some spoilers though!

Stalker. Not ashamed anymore that I like this series. Not even a bit. This week, finally, we get to know something moreScreen Shot 2014-11-08 at 12.40.31 AM of Jack’s guilt and about his relationship with Amanda. Phew, it’s not even remotely close to what I previously considered, that his son was a product of a sexual assault. That would have been too much. Thank you! So, the story is that he was an a**hole to Amanda ( denying that he’s the father of her child and sleeping with a witness on a trial). His moment of sincerity was much appreciated, I loved the scene with Beth/Maggie Q. when she tells him to fix his problems. I, however, feel that the show has changed, not in the sense of the cases ( there are still women victims), but rather in its tone: it doesn’t seem so menacing as it appeared on the first episodes. And  because of that I like the show even more.  This week’s ending song is the perfect Love is a Battlefield by Wrongchild Feat. Morgan Kibby

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 12.45.45 AMJane the Virgin I’m not particularly happy to where the show is going, it’s happening what I’ve feared since the beginning: too many plots, too much like a parody of a Latin American telenovela. If I were to write one character out, it would definitely be Santos. Jaime Camil is a talented actor, but his acting in Jane the Virgin is so exaggerated that I got the sensation that the whole show is a sketch of “El Chapulin Colorado”. I’m willing to give Jane the Virgin a few more episodes and if nothing changed, I’ll be very sorry to bid my farewell. It pains me to say it, but after the first episode which was ok, everything began going downhill. Gina Rodriguez is so sweet as Jane, but the story needs to be fixed otherwise we could have a CW cancellation before Christmas.

3. Two weeks ago I began watching “The Arrow” and “The Flash“. Don’t judge me please, for missing on these shows, I’ve never been a fan ofLone Gunman comic books or superheroes. When they used to have The Flash years ago, it was just a procedural with superheroes and I never really got used to it. Before I knew it they cancelled it. But what Greg Belanti has done with his both shows is highly entertaining and I can hardly wait to have a little time for myself to watch them again. Thank you, Netflix for streaming Arrow! Combining superheroes stories with a little bit of soap opera and mystery is definitely my cup of tea.

4. I heard they renewed Hell on Wheels for a fifth and final season. Good and bad news at the same time. Bad, because I won’t see Anson Mount on a regular basis (although I do hope he finds an even better show after HOW) and good, because the storyline was beginning to be weak and leading to …nowhere. I always say it’s better to cut the cord when the show is still watchable.


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