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Kingdom “Eat Your Own Cooking” Review

After last night’s episode, I realized one thing: if Kingdom had an episode in which all the characters would said just “blah, blah, blah” ( literally saying just blah, blah, blah), I would still enjoy it as much as I enjoyed each episode so far. Kingdom’s strength lies in the way it’s filmed, how it’s acted, the poetry of it all. It’s such a good show that I can feel the taste of drama in my mouth. Even when it’s not happening much.

A lot of fighters choose nicknames. A Crippler. A Nightmare. Grumble. Most of them were f*cking stupid. I once fought I guy who called himself the “F*ckStake”, that’s the c*ck … Morning the F*ckStake Johnson. […] He was a very good fighter though. I was King K’lina. I hated that name. My father had made take it to honour him. As if cancer wasn’t gonna do. Said he had royal blood, he liked the sound of two K’s together. King K’lina. King Grandiose, that was my man. That f*cker truly believed we were blessed with royal blood. That it was from God, better than yours. I’m talking about a man who was too lazy and too mean to ever have a f*cking job. I wanted to murder this motherf*cker. And I had a plan when I was a kid. I didn’t do it. ‘cause of my mother. Sweet woman. I guess she fell in love with him before the real asshole got out. Anyway, let’s not make this about him.

You see, what I’m talking about? Now, tell me you haven’t read Alvey’s monologue, at least, twice.

Eat Your Own Cooking is about anger. Everyone’s trying to subdue their inner demons. Alvey, Ryan, Nate and even Jay. This is a guys’ episode. Of all the men, Jay’s the lucky one, since he gets his opportunity to get it out of the systemScreen Shot 2014-11-07 at 2.01.52 AM. Openly and bloody. The other men have not the same luck and because of that, their anger becomes a quite desperation ( Ryan almost takes to punches the photographer hired to take pictures at the gym or when he opens up to Lisa about his parents); exhibitionist behavior, like Keith’s, the man literally puts his penis on the table in Lisa’s presence; and last, but not least, in the form of Alvey’s chronic insomnia. His majestic opening monologue – which gets wrapped up as an audience show – we discover to be Alvey’s dream. One invaded by violence, pretty much like this entire life. I remember that in the second episode, Alvey mentioned that he doesn’t take any pills that could help him sleep. Now we know why.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 2.03.54 AMOn the other side, Nate’s again hidden in his own shell. After sleeping with Tatiana ( I guess, this episode was Nick Jonas’ turn for some bed tossing), he becomes a complete jerk and ignores all her phone calls. He goes walled up. I find it emblematic the scene where Nate listens to Christina’s crying in the locked room. It’s almost like in there are locked his fears too. You never know.

“You don’t know your own daughter.”

“I f*ucked up my life, I know it…and I know what my wife, her mother would want and it’s not you.”

Alvey meets Lisa’s father for the first time and there’s not much love between them, that’s clear from the start. For him, family relations are just one disaster after another. And boy, he’s in for something even more: I can’t wait to see how’s gonna be his encounter with Christina though. Very funny the scene where Alvey asks for Ryan’s advice on how to take Lisa’s father.

To sum up this episode I’ll say as Johnny Cash put it in his song “A Boy Named Sue”: “Son, this world is rough/ And if a man’s gonna make it, he’s gotta be tough”


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