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Your Not So Average Sex Scene List. 7 Series that Go for the Full Monty.

This is not a safe topic for minors.

N*pples, c**ks, moaning & lusting. The all-time favorite carnal sin list on television. Lately, there seems to be even more of it, especially on the cable shows and I’m including here Netflix too. Even networks are trying to make it happen. First, it was the controversial scene with Kalinda and her husband on The Good Wife. The other day it was Scandal within a scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder is coming strong with gay scenes. I’m not going to argue that producers should tone it down (I’m not a puritan and this is not the point of this post anyway), but each time I read a list of sex scenes in TV shows I always get the classical by now Sex and the City, True Blood, Diary of a Call Girl. Seriously? Almost each list has almost the same four or five repeated shows. How come? I know they’ve had some daring scenes at their moment, but nothing compares with what I’ve seen in Banshee, for example.

Which are the most sex loaded (and quite explicit) series I’ve seen then, you wonder?


  1. Banshee (Cinemax).  I don’t even think there’s a series that comes close to what they are showing in terms of sexuality. It’s male-oriented, that’s clear, sex sells and sex is definitely the power of these characters. Remember Rebecca? Such show is wrong, by any standards, to dismiss it as p*rn. P*rn is about excess of sexuality, of carnality. In Banshee, the sex scenes are tastefully done, and yes, technically, there’s stuff you see in soft p*orns, but they are not void of meaning. Cinemax seems to have become a master of this type of series as their other achievements: Strike Back and The Knick featured “I don’t believe they did that” scenes also.


  1. Spartacus (Starz) The first series I’ve seen that has male frontal nudity. In movies, it is a bit more common especially in Indie feature films, the last of such examples is Michael Fassbender in Shame. If you haven’t seen it I whole-heartedly recommend it. On the other hand, on TV full frontals are quite rare. So in this light, Spartacus has offered a whole show of well-built men in all their glory. Hallelujah! And there were threesomes, orgies, S&M, you name it. Everybody had a reason to be satisfied or dissatisfied, depending on the taste.


  1. Queer as Folk (Uk Version). It’s not the US series, but the British mini-series starring the uber-gorgeous Charlie Hunnam. He was so young then, I’m afraid few people would recognize him. Anyway, the series had, when I saw it, the most daring sequence of sex. Allan (played by your very own Game of Thrones star Aidan Gillen) was engaged in an all male foursome. I was like …WHAT? And that was back in 1999. Again, rather than dismiss it as porn, or other derogatory terms, Queer as Folk, like its American Version, didn’t offer any gratuitous sex.


  1. Game of Thrones. You’ve seen it, I can tell you very little you don’t already know.


  1. Shameless I fell in love with it because of the sex scenes. Steve and Fiona were my favorite couple for a long time. Memorable for me is the scene where Steve and Fiona make love for the first time. It’s funny, it’s intense, it’s all there. In Shameless, the sex is pure and shameless at the same time. With characters like that who would blame them for trying to keep their innocence intact?


  1. Outlander Boy, the Wedding episode burnt all the sheets and with it, everything else. Of course, Diana Gabaldon has her share of blame (#hihi). Claire Randal Beauchamp Fraser, the heroine of the series, is a woman who is so unashamed of her sexuality that you cannot but envy her.


  1. Masters of Sex. As the title goes, there’s plenty of sex. Although it is made for science reasons. Mostly.



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