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Stalker – Catching Up Review

I like Stalker. I think it’s time I put it in writing. I know it’s not everyone’s kind of TV show (and I respect that), but it grew on me. And I’m glad it got full season order at CBS. What’s happened since last time I wrote a review? Let’s see!

1414538697060_wps_6_BEVERLY_HILLS_CA_JULY_17_First, there’s a sexy rumor that Maggie Q. and Dylan McDermott are dating. And although I promised myself that I wouldn’t write about celebrity gossip on this blog, I’ll make an exception this once. Just this once. If it’s true, good for them! Maggie Q. seems like a great person and so does Dylan. Let there be happiness!

Returning back to the show, the cases are still around women being assaulted or stalked, but what grew organically, at least from a storyline point of view, is the personal history of the characters. First, there’s Jack, who still gets no forgiveness points from this ex-wife, DA Amanda Taylor. She doesn’t allow him to see his son, nor approach him. Nada de nada. More so, she has put him face to face with a decision: he must leave Los Angeles or else Amanda goes to Beth and tells her the whole truth about Jack. I’ve often wondered what this truth could be: has he murdered someone? There is a theory that I have developed, but it’s kind of gruesome…I mean…yeah, gruesome. ( wanna hear it? there it goes: his son is a child born out of …sexual assault?) I hope I am wrong. But I’m curious to see finally what is Jack hiding. What’s your theory?

tumblr_ndpcmhUJbb1rtwzt5o6_250Beth, on the other side, doesn’t know that danger is about to hit her hard. Perry Whitley, the rich obsessed guy, she has threatened in the pilot episode, is carefully planning his web of deceit. And at the middle, falls Beth’s friend. We also found out interesting details about Beth’s past: that she is the sole survivor of her family who died in an arson. Her name is not Beth, but Michelle, and her biggest fear is that the man guilty of her family’s death will escape from the mental asylum where’s he committed. Wanna bet, he’s going to escape from there one day? (source gif: Here)…

One other thing that is excellent about this show is the soundtrack. The songs at the end of the episode follow me throughout the week. Check them out:

Michelle Branch – Creep

Snowhill – Be My Baby

Until the Ribbon Breaks – One Way or Another

Denmark and Winter – Every Breath You Take


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