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Kingdom 1×04 “Flower” Recap

  “Is it weird being a flower in a business of brutes?
  “No, I can be a pretty hard bitch.”
Unfortunately, due to some work, I’m late with many of my reviews/recaps, but I couldn’t let Kingdom pass. No, sir! Not a chance. I’ve been wishing and praying and hoping for this episode ever since the last minute of the previous one. Folks, brace yourselves…this is the episode that shows some sweet bare ass. Amen!
Spoilers below…

‘Safety is an illusion, Nate.”

Last night’s episode reminded me of a poem I learnt in school long ago about flowers born out of mold. A nature’s deformity. Grotesque and foul-smelling. And yet in their own ugliness, they have life, and they grow, evolve, change things around them. They are worth it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.21.41 PMContinuing the storyline from the previous episode, we have Jay taking matters into his own hands, and by matters, he means kidnapping Christina to save her life. But in truth, what lies beneath in more than that. Jay is saving himself while Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.21.44 PMsaving his mother. Why? Because for them there are no safety nets. They only have each other. Not even Nate can understand Jay’s stubbornness to save their mother and would rather have Christina out of the room and on her way. I’m very curious to see why and how this family dissintegrated. The only thing that I got at this point –  and that comes from something Jay has said in the pilot episode – is that Alvey mistreated his family, that he did drugs as well and Christina fell victim to all of it. I’m rooting so hard for Christina to get out of her s**thole and breathe again.

“We don’t have ages in Los Angeles. When you’re fucking hot, you’re fucking hot.”

Ryan…oh Ryan had an interesting day on this episode. With Alvey absent, he skips training ( after an awkward discussion with Lisa) and ends up in a bar where he meets Melanie (special guest star Alicia Witt), a married woman in search of some casual sex. Los Angeles is a place for great guys, Melanie implies, but not for the good. And Ryan has no intentions of being good. I just realized something: Kingdom has more tattoos than “Sons of Anarchy” put together. And no, I’m not complaining.

Hero of the day is still Jay, who teaches Terry the well deserved lesson ( a.k.a beating) when they meet in Christina’s room. However, justifiable as it is, this action will cost Jay something, I’m pretty sure of it. Maybe, it will be in connection with the fight Lisa has set him up with in three days. There is something here, I know it, possibly for the season finale.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.29.59 PM

More drama is headed towards Alvey also, who senses that Lisa and Ryan still have something unfinished between them, and more so after Lisa doesn’t mention him  the discussion with Ryan. In fact, she lies to him. But for the moment, Alvey is more interested in finding himself a champion and playing the better guy. However, I cannot help wondering… will jealousy be his downfall?

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.41.46 PMOne who is less and less interested in being a champion is Nate. One of the biggest mysteries of this series is, without a doubt, Nate. For the first episodes I thought that he might be gay, not willing to come out. now, I don’t know what to think: Nate is always on his own, he talks little and he confides in anyone even less. The only door open for him seems to be his physician whose invitation he finally accepts at the end of the episode.

More photos from this episode:


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