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When Movies Say I Love You…

I know. Halloween is just around the corner, and probably I should write something related to it, but this weekend, researching for some work-related project, I came across two videos that remind me why I love movies.

Back when I was a child and had absolutely no idea that there was such a thing as English language, the first words I ever tumblr_n53zuv7eKm1rx3q30o1_500learnt from the movies were “I Love You“. I used to repeat them all the time, quite incorrectly I must say, because they sounded so heart-filling. To strengthen my conviction, there was also the fact each time one character told another those words something wonderful would happen. Even if there was crying involved, people, lovers, friends saying that words hug each other more tightly, there were kisses involved ( which I wasn’t supposed to see and didn’t see for some years growing up), and that was feeling of certainty that everything was going to be ok. Of course, I found later that I love you cannot solve always everything, but that didn’t make me not trust the power of those words.



[vimeo 44874191]

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