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Web Series You Must Watch: “Shots of Awe” by Jason Silva

To some of you, the name Jason Silva may be familiar, as he is not a stranger to the television world. Jason Silva hosted in 2011 the scientific reality series “Brain Games”, broadcast on National Geographic Channel which explored the components of the human brain. But he’s also the creator of one of the most inspiring web series ever.

I came to know Jason through his web series “Shots of Awe”. What is “Shots of Awe” more precisely? Well, first of all, it’s a web series made of inspiring videos that are meant to make you ponder on the meaning of life, the impact of technology on our life, why science is important for every day spirituality ( yes, that’s right, science as a means of spirituality).

maxresdefaultThe first video of the series that I’ve seen it’s called “The Existential Bummer” and it has become one of my favorite videos ever. I watch it from time to time to remember never to give up. Even when it feels like there is no hope. I guess, there comes a time when you start asking questions about life and death and need some answers, and I consider  theses videos a good start for a dialogue. With yourself, with others. Without much further ado, I selected two, and I hope you’ll like them.

You can watch the videos on or on


The Existential Bummer

The Instagram Generation


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  1. iralarry

    W/ regard to: Existential Bummer, this is exactly why there is religion and within it the eternity of heaven and hell. We know it will end here, but not there. It is the bummer conundrum, it is how we cope with unfathomable finality, it is the quintessential truth of all sentient living beings, that life ends and with it all that we have done in the time we had. The only thing that lives on is our legacy and only so far as sentient humans remain to embrace or disregard it.

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