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Jane the Virgin “We’ll call it milkshake” Chapter Two Review

Jane the Virgin is still pregnant. And a virgin. But there are more problems coming her way.

tumblr_n39mjdIIxR1qbmp7lo6_250When Ugly Betty was produced a few years ago, it was such a thrill to watch it. And why not? It was based on the awesome Columbian telenovela ” Yo soy Betty la Fea”, had an amazing cast ( America Ferrara rules!) and a lot of potential. And still, at some point, the story became saccharine and by the end of the fourth season you discovered that Betty ( ugly or not) had lost her appeal. Almost entirely. The characters had become caricatures of themselves and the storylines were….well…let’s say, exaggerated. Watching the second chapter, I got this strange sensation at some point, a nagging sensation if you want, that some of the stories are about to fly in that direction (the Santos story especially that could get toned down a notch… or two).

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 12.58.39 AMHowever, Jane the Virgin is only at the beginning and I might be wrong. It’s premature to pass judgements on the show based on only two episodes so let’s focus on what is excellent. Gina Rodriguez as Jane. The more I watch her act, the more I like her. She makes her Jane relatable, charming, she’s a luminous presence on the screen. And more important than anything else, she makes me care about her character because she’s real in her emotions. And to any show, adapted from foreign formats or not, that is the key. Keeping your characters real. I have to admit that the scene with XO, where Jane acknowledges the fact that the baby is not a “milkshake” that can be easily ignored touched a cord in me. Hands down the best scene of the episode!

Those who know a little bit about Latin American telenovelas, also know that they can guess who’s gonna end up with whom at the end of the series from the very first episode. It’s simple mathematics: 1+1 = 2. Being, however, an adaptation I’m pretty sure we’re in for a bumpy road with the fourangle (Jane_Rafael_Michael_Petra). For the time being, I proudly announce that I’m Michael team, although jealousy could get the worst of him over the next   episodes. Am I the only one who smelled a potential involvement of his with Petra? Rafael is not bad either, more so, he could “win more hands at the table” once he starts warming up to Jane.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 12.58.39 AM copyThumb up for the ending of chapter two! In fact, the storyline with Luisa, Rosa & Luisa’s father ( caught unknowingly into a triangle) was nicely prepared and is a cliche reinvented. I didn’t see that coming. And adding a murder mystery to the table could be interesting, as long as the dead stays dead. Lately a lot of characters in different TV shows have had a problem staying dead and with that I have had a problem believing the story. There is only so far that you can stretch a cord.

Conclusion: Jane the Virgin is still worth it. Watch it, enjoy the Latin vibe of the telenovela. ‘Cause it’s one of a kind!

source for the photos: TV Guide & CW.


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