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The Great Fire Premieres Tonight on ITV ( Trailer and Behind the Scenes)

…at 9pm. In case you have missed all the promos these past weeks and you haven’t heard anything about this six part series that airs tonight on ITV,  here is your chance.

Inspired by the historical events of 1666 and with the decadent backdrop of King Charles II’s court, The Great Fire focuses on the circumstances which led to the catastrophic fire, Thomas Farriner’s family life at the bakery in Pudding Lane, the playboy King’s extravagant lifestyle, and Farriner’s complex relationship with his fictional sister in law, Sarah played by Rose Leslie (Utopia, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey).  Thomas, played by Andrew Buchan,  (Broadchurch, Garrow’s Law, Nowhere Boy) is central to the drama which is based upon existing historical knowledge with fictional stories cleverly interwoven and written by successful novelist Tom Bradby, ITN’s Political Editor.  (

Trailer: [vimeo 107612900] The History [vimeo 108897654] The Fire – Special Effects [vimeo 108898908] Costumes [vimeo 108898082]


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