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The Dawning of ‘Aquarius’: How Charles Manson Returned To TV — Mipcom


“The development season is a fool’s errand,” exclaims Marty Adelstein, who recently formed Tomorrow ITV Studios, a joint venture with ITV Global Studios to develop scripted series. The industry vet who was a founding partner at Endeavor and an on-the-lot TV producer at 20th Century Fox TV, is referring to the liberation he is finally reaping from shepherding the edgy cop series Aquarius sans the red tape that often clogs the development process at a TV network, i.e. the unnecessary script notes and the labor-intensive pilot process.  Aquarius, which stars David Duchovny as a cop trailing Charles Manson in Los Angeles 1967, is the latest example of a growing number of TV shows that go straight from script to series thanks to financing by foreign TV distributors who then sell off the regional licenses. In the case of Aquarius, NBC took U.S. and will premiere the show early next year.

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