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Short Film “Celia” featuring Dakota Fanning & Alison Janney

From time to time, I share with you those short films that, in a way or another, speak to me. Today it’s Celia, a short film produced by Wigs, the digital channel producing scripted dramatic series about women.  

I came across this short film about a year ago, and it instantly became one of my favorite. The subject is intentionally controversial – a doctor is forced into an uncomfortable decision when her patient turns out to be the daughter of an old friend, but, at the same time, it doesn’t pass judgments on anyone.  What truly shines in this short film is the writing which is first-class. Suffice it to say that it belongs to Rodrigo Garcia, director of “In Treatment”. The Colombian writer and director is a true connoisseur of the human mind and handles dialogue with a finesse worthy of the greatest masters. Dakota Fanning’s and Alison Janney’s performances …what else can you say about great performances.

Check this film out and you won’t regret it. Enjoy!


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