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Jane the Virgin – Pilot Review/Season Promo

¡Ay madre mia! Jane esta embarazada.

Jane the Virgin debuted last night on CW after a long buzz of mostly positive reviews. The episode was delightfully funny with elements of “Amelie” ( which I gladly enjoyed),  had some telenovelas twists ( no surprise here, since the original is a popular Venezuelan telenovela called …Juana la Virgen) and gave enchanting performance by Gina Rodriguez. 

Alba: “Now make it look like new again”.

Jane: “I can’t”

                   Alba: “That’s right. You can never go back. This is what    happens when you lose your virginity.



As some who has seen also the original telenovela Juana la Virgen, I must say that the American adaptation of “Juana La Virgen” patched some of the original plot holes with a better development of characters and some strong storyline.  And plus, the writers knew exactly which storylines to drop to keep the plot of Jane the Virgin from falling into ridiculousness.

Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is a 20 something good Catholic Latin girl. She lives with her devout grandmother, Alba (Ivonne Coll),  with her Paulina Rubio obsessed mother, Xo ( (Andrea Navedo) and has a charming and lovely fiancé, Michael (Brett Dier) with whom she’s in love.  Oh Yeah, she’s also a virgin!  During her pap exam, she is accidentally artificially inseminated  and gets pregnant.  Then, she meets the father of her baby, Rafael (Justin Baldoni) who is a man from Jane’s past (a real jerk back then) and his devious wife.

You see now, why this is a telenovela? A well-concieved one, for sure, although the series doesn’t get rid of all the too familiar coincidences of a Mexican/Venezuelan/Columbian soap-opera which usually flaw the stories. These coincidences, however, are met with humor, a bit of irony and of course a lot of heart.  One aspect, that remind me of Ugly Betty is the meta-fiction aspect of the show, in which all the three women watch the preposterous telenovela on the TV. I know that telenovelas are sometimes crazy and blown out of proportions, but we really have to underline it so bluntly?

Back to the good news: Gina Rodriguez, absolutely adorable in her part, is a great Jane who feels real throughout the episode. She’s got also that a touch of Amelie in herself which make it more special.  Other notable mentions get Justin Baldoni and Brett Dier who make this triangle more interesting than the usual.

Is Jane The Virgin worth it? Oh YES! SI, SI, SI!


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