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Shameless Season 5 First Teaser

Well, well, well…what do we have here? It’s the Shameless Family! The Showtime TV series returns with new shameless adventures January 11,  2015 at 9 PM ET/PT.


. . What has been hinted so far is that there are a few surprises in the store as there will be a new love interest for Fiona and for another Gallagher (Frank? Lip? Debbie?). Hold on, Charlie (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is still in sight. And possibly, Steve/Jimmy, Fiona’s true love, could return as well after being presumed dead ( power of television, alas), although there is nothing official. Dermot Mulroney is also reported to join the show as “a recovering addict and the new manager at Patsy’s Pies” where Fiona works. Glad to see The Gallaghers return? emmy-rossum-dermot-mulroney-kiss-for-shameless-05 Source: HERE and HERE


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