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Hugh Grant Won’t Be in “Bridget Jones 3”

Bridget Jones seems to have a problem staying on the pole. Again. This time is Hugh Grant who, according to Dailymail UK, will not be part of the third Bridget Jones installment, after initially agreeing to star in the film along with Renee Z. and Colin Firth. In the interview given, Hugh Grant talks of a script that is based on an older Fielding idea “Bridget Jones’ Baby”, which I find odd since Helen Fielding’s book “Mad About the Boy” is a completely different story. I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t read the book, but I can only say… That’s not how you do it, Helen Fielding!!!  And yeah, I’m still upset about that stunt you pulled. Hugh Grant admits that lately he’s been turning down script after script because he says : ‘Nowadays I pretty much turn everything down anyway, because I just feel too old. Certainly for romantic comedy and certainly for showbusiness in general.”  It’s true that Hugh has turned 50, but he still looks great. Maybe, there will be some some director in the future – like there was Tom Ford for Colin Firth – who will reinvigorate his career or at least reignite his passion for acting. Source: HERE Hugh Grants


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