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Twin Peaks ‘Fire Walk with Me” returns to Showtime

It’s true, folks! 25 years later, the Lynchian out of this world drama series returns with a limited series.

Twin Peaks is among the first series, if not the first, that I’ve seen from the first episode to the last one. At that time, the series had a massive effect on me, as it confused me, it delighted me, it made me question the world, what’s beyond it like nothing else. It was a revelation. I do believe that without Twin Peaks ( and 1996’s Profitbut that’s story for another entry), television would have not welcomed so easily the anti-heroes in the years to follow.

Twin Peaks will return to Showtime in 2016, the news was confirmed by creators David Lynch and Mark Frost via Twitter.  According to Variety, the show will not be a remake, but rather a revival. No news on the actors that will return as the storyline will take off rom the events of the last episode of the series. The gap of the 25 years ( since the show has been off the air) will be dealt also with.

So in the light of this extraordinary news, I can only say….




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