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Forever “Pilot & Look Before You Leap” Review

I have to begin this review by telling you that I rarely watch procedurals. I haven’t watch The Mentalist, Castle or any other amateur detective/ policeman show there is, although I am told they are quite good (most of them anyway). Maybe from time to time, when I’m down with flu, I skip through Elementary episodes just to hear Jonny Lee Miller’s delicious British accent and cheer me up.

as always, some minor spoilers ahead…

Forever caught my attention because of Ioan Gruffudd, yet another British actor to grace the American small screen. I also liked the premise, and from there it was easy to give it a chance and see what happens. And it happens that after two episodes I find the series promising and highly entertaining. The story is, I suppose, rather similar to other procedurals: Dr. Henry Morgan works as a medical examiner helping the NY police with their investigation. At the same time, Dr. Morgan must hide from everyone his secret, that he is, in fact, a 200 year old immortal who doesn’t know why he is the way he is. The only one who is aware of what is going on is Abe – his adopted son during World War II, now a 70 year old man.

The pilot is crafted smartly balancing the case Henry is investigating with his personal life from the past and present, without being overbearing. Everything is where it should be, no more, no less. It also has rhythm and doesn’t drag along. What I like the most in the two episode and intrigues me ( apart the two distinctive criminal cases) is the clever introduction of the powerful Nemesis for our good doctor. Apparently, Henry isn’t the only immortal living in NY, there is someone even older than he is who is set on destroying his world. Who is he? Does he have any connection to Dr. Morgan?

And like any good series, Forever has even a drop of romance presented in flashbacks between Henry and his former wife Abigal. Nothing underlines drama better than romance. And also Mr. Gruffudd is charming enough to pull everything through :).

Forever airs each Tuesday on ABC @ 10pm.



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