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Outlander 1×07 “The Wedding” Review

“ You forget your life after a while, life you had before, things you cherish and hold dear are like pearls on a string, cut the knot and they are scattered around the floor, rolling into the corners never to be found again. So you move on and eventually you forget what the pearls looked like. At least, you try.

One of the most daunting things when you write a TV review is writing about an episode in which sex plays the key card. And “The Wedding” had it plenty. Four times they did it. Well, that must be a record for any TV couple. I don’t recall any other TV show that detailed the wedding night or any night of love that explicitly.

During the first six episodes, Jaime and Claire have been good friends, although I guess Jaime began feeling something more for the Sassanach from the first time he laid his eyes on her. Claire, on the other hand, was always torn between her desire to return to Frank and the reality of the times she’s living, including the fact that she’s forced to marry someone else without being able to tell the truth. And thus, two souls, desperate and alone, – because they are very similar in this – were united in marriage. And a beautiful wedding it was!


The non-linear structure of the episode confused me a little bit – maybe that I have not entirely assimilated Claire’s constant Voice Over (I’ve written about this before), the disrupted chronology of the events, being transported from present time to past time. I DO understand the necessity and the logic of it, but that doesn’t always make it easy to follow. At least, not for me.

Having not read the Outlander book series (in my defense, I started reading them, but then work and other books happened), I did not know what to expect for this episode. And it was a pleasant surprise. Both visually and emotionally. The cinematography contributes extensively to the general feeling of “being in there” as it is extremely creative – subtle, sensual, raw and real in sepia tone colors. This episode was the peak of it. The final scene was my favorite by far (hold on, I’ll explain). Claire discovering Frank’s wedding ring was magic. Her fingers fearfully approaching it reminded me of Lord of the Rings – in which the ring has the power to reveal the REAL you, to put you face to face with your darkest fears. And in that respect, it was what it happened: Claire realized that Frank is still real and present in her life. The happiness is over. The pearls are rolling, never to be found again.Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 8.35.20 PM

Watching this episode was bitter sweet also, as I do feel for Frank as well. He loves his wife deeply and is tormented by the fact that she has disappeared without a trace. And yet, 200 years ago, his wife marries someone else (in the same church they were married, although the TV series made it otherwise). And not only that, but she also enjoys the sexual aspect of it. Poor Frank!153

For a long time (a week to be honest 🙂 ), I thought that Jaime was teasing Claire about the fact that he’s a virgin. I mean c’mon…Jaime is gorgeous, virile and… you name it. Wasn’t there any widow, young lass to tempt him enough? What was he doing? Cold showers? It’s cold enough in Scotland as it is.

Anyway, after thinking about it, the fact that Diana Gabaldon chose to write Jaime a virgin is not so bad an idea. In a certain way, it made Claire even more of a protagonist, more of a woman than she is, revealing her so confident about her sexuality, about knowing what to say and how to make Jaime feel a man when he’s obviously a young boy about sex. Jaime’s first sexual experience was rushed, no intimacy there, just plain physics yet he was feeling like it was the best he could offer. And Claire – wise and sure of herself – guides him into a better version of himself. As the two start knowing each other, the scenes become more intimate, and thus more beautiful, apart from the “wow” of it. Plus, making a man the center of an orgasm in woman-man relationship…well, that’s not something you see everyday. You know what I mean. Way to go, Claire!


One of the things that intrigues me quite a lot is why Dougal hasn’t proposed himself for the marriage instead of Jaime if he fancies Claire. He’s not married, is he? Maybe he considers Claire beneath him because he’s an Englishwoman?

Next week will watch the last episode – the midseason finale. Can you believe we’re there already? What was your favourite part?


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