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5 Romantic Heroes in White Shirts – from Pride and Prejudice to Outlander

It is a truth universally acknowledged that on TV a single man in possession of a spectacular white shirt must be the leading man. Especially when we talk about period dramas. Want proof? Read on…

1. Pride and Prejudice

In 1994, Colin Firth made television history in Pride and Prejudice when he emerged from the lake dressed in a white shirt, all damp and sexy, leaving generations of women longing for more. And Lizzy for that matter. The shirt became an international obsession and a source of inspiration for female writers all over the world. It didn’t even matter that the shirt was an accident, a fact revealed years later by Andrew Davis when he talked to Cheltenham Literature Festival. “The wet shirt scene was supposed to be a total male-frontal nudity scene, because that’s how men went bathing in those days.”



2.  North and South

Mr. Thornton of North and South was the brooding owner of a mill yet he always was immaculate. Pretty much like Darcy, he gave his master blow while wearing the white shirt. Margaret was his. Told ya, it’s always the winner.

3. Jane Eyre

Mr. Rochester is saved by Jane Eyre from a terrible death in the middle of the night. And how does he repay her? By flirting with her.

4. The Thorn Birds

Even His Holiness Father Ralph de Bricassart, who is usually covered in black robes, when finally coming true to his feeling for Maggie is wearing white. *ugly-crying*


5. Outlander

Well…you’ve seen last night’s episode. Jaime Frazier…oh my soul!



Pride and Prejudice – the Movie


Corazon Salvaje (Wild at Heart)tumblr_mejiowx4Xl1rj64mso5_250


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