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The Mysteries of Laura “Pilot” Review

Having read previously the reviews for the series – pretty bad, by the way – I expected something cringey from “The Mysteries of Laura”. Something unwatchable like “Poor, Debra Messing! What has she got herself into?” or “OMG, where is the remote control” . I don’t think I’m mistaken in saying that the ratings scored last night by the pilot ( “most watch broadcast premiere since March on any big four networks” – TVbythenumers) must have taken by surprise everyone. Talking about certainties in television.TheMysteriesofLaura_1_article_story_large

Well, the pilot is somewhere in between. It has its weak parts and …the regular parts. “The Mysteries of Laura” is a show about a policewoman, an almost divorced one, mother of two who is trying to see if she can balance her professional with her private one. Although the premise may be a bit outdated – a show like this would function without problems in the late ’80s and early ’90s – it doesn’t lack the chemistry Debra Messing brings to the small screen and that is a great plus. Debra is a natural actress who can easily turn over a scene that doesn’t work that well. Most of the times, anyway.

The series, indeed, hasn’t lost its European touch. The original series is a Spanish series, quite successful, called Los Misterios de Laura that it’s family oriented, soft in its tone and definitely non-agressive. The bad guys are bad guys, and not evil. The children function as a cuteness element in the series, and besides their regular mischiefs are pretty much ok. and the husband is handsome enough to tease the idea of a rekindled romance.

The Mysteries of Laura is a show for  the whole family ( as the old slogan would have it), for those who are willing to see a safe play. It remains to be seen if the second episode will be as watched as the first one…and if yes…NBC might be in for something.


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