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Red Band Society “Pilot” Review

“It does hurt. But not in the way you think it will. […] What hurts is remembering it was ever there. But then with time, that memory stops hurting too.” “It won’t be me anymore.” “You will be you. You’ll always be you. You might be even more you.”


Red Band Society is each Wednesday at 9pm ET on Fox.

Red Band Society is as good as they said it were. It’s clever, it’s touching, it’s heart-breaking ( there will be some tears as well). I’ve just finished watching the pilot (it’s available free on iTunes, if you’re interested) and I cannot think of a reason that this series should not become a cult series. Of course, at this hour, I already know that the start of the Fox series was rather low, but I hope word will spread just how great this series is and more people will tune in for the next episode.

The premise is difficult  – sick children in a hospital is, I imagine, not on the wish list of potential viewers. You think about tragedy & death. And yes, the series tackles these subjects too…but the characters are so full of life that transcend beyond. The kid in coma longs for pizza and farts. Jordi, the Mexican teen with no family, runs in the hospital robe on the stairs of the hospital just to feel whole again. Even the Queen B.Kara cries when she discovers that she has no heart. The series is about life that becomes more important in the presence of tragedy. Life is unfair, we all know it. But life transforms you more and clearer when you realize just what you may lose.

Maybe it’s time we all wore a red band to remind us of the fact.

The pilot is directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and the genius Ryan Murphy and produced by Steven Speilberg’s company Amblin Entertainment. aaaahhhhh….one more thing: the soundtrack is awesome!!!!


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