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Banshee ” Small town, Bad Blood” season 3 Teasing Photo

Cinemax began teasing the third season of Banshee, so I thought of making a short presentation for those who know nothing (or little) about this series. Check it out if you’ve got a chance. It’s goooood stuff.

Originally developed by Alan Ball’s production company for HBO in 2011, Banshee found a more suitable home in Cinemax. At the time, the premium cable owned by HBO was presenting its first original project Strike Back – a series that would sum up the identity of the Cinemax programming: haute entertainment, containing elements of violence, sensuality and human complexity.

Banshee, in its essence, is a small town drama series about a former convict, Lucas Hood, who assumes the identity of a sheriff in (…well) Banshee, Pennsylvania. His encounter with a former mistress – and love of his life, nevertheless – makes everything more complicated as she is now married and has a family unaware of her past.

In a later interview, Alan Ball admitted that he decided to get involved in the series because the characters were unlike anything he had written before: “The town of Banshee itself had just as complex a history: Mythic small-town America… original tribal lands of the Kinaho Indians… new-world home to the old-world ways of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Drug dealers. Neo-Nazi skinheads. Ukrainian gangsters. Dumb rednecks. Bad-ass Asian cross-dressers” ( Jonathan Tropper and David Shickler created the show, Alan Ball guided the project and Greg Yaitanes (House) set the tone of the series.

Currently Banshee is in post-production with its third season who will air on Cinemax in 2015. Enough time for you to catch up with the first two season that will leave you wanting more after each episode. The series is under no way suited for children as it contains graphic sexuality, violence and adult themes.



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