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Z Nation 1X01 – “The Zombies are Dead! Long Live the Zombies” – Review

SyFy premiered on September, 12 the post-apocalyptic zombie drama “Z Nation” just a few weeks before “The Walking Dead” cult series. The brain-eating zombie fever is kicking strong, apparently, as the pilot episode gave the channel not only excellent numbers (1.6 million viewers), but also managed something that no TV channel really wants or desires: to become one of the most pirated shows around.  However, Game of Thrones continues to keep the title as “the most pirated show of all times” with more than 1.000.000 downloads per episode.

Z Nation” gathers all the elements that make a good post-apocalyptic story: a plague that has destroyed almost the entire planet, a vaccine that could save the few survivors left and a mission. In this case, the mission is to transport from East Coast to California the one man who is carrying a potential antidote to the disease that has decimated the whole planet (and made them zombies)

Some spoilers below…

The pilot certainly doesn’t lack dynamics. It’s alert and delivers what it promises: zombies galore. znation16

On the side of the good, there are the survivor, and of course they are all well versed in handling guns. Harrold Perrineau ( who is slowly becoming another Sean Bean – spoiler alert ( he dies at the end of the episode)  plays the part of Lt.  Mark Hammond in charge of transporting the inmate Murphy ( Keith Allan) the only human who survived a zombie attack to California.imagesGQ-jR Since Zombie Dramas are all about moving on the road and escaping the zombies, Lt. Mark soon meets other humans ready to give a helping hand. Two former National Guards, two college kids learning to fight for themselves, a doctors selling illegal drugs, and an Asian prisoner who might be hiding more than meets the eye.nup_165014_0067


The pilot is not perfect, the writing could be a little bit sharper – there was no memorable dialogue on the first episode, but on the whole Z Nation was fun to watch. Definitely, for some Z Nation will be a new TV Obsession, while for others will be Friday’s guilty pleasure.

The pilot episode is available on iTunes for free, so if you haven’t seen it, go check it out.



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