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Outlander 1×04 “Gathering” – Review

…sort of. I still like Outlander. A lot, I must say. But…

I’m a little bit turned off by Claire’s prolonged voice over. It sometimes feels like I’m listening to a radio piece and well, I hope they drop it soon. Please, writers!  But, now the goodies: Jaime’s face. That’s the face of a protagonist. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 1.55.18 PM

What’s happened in this episode? In a nutshell….here it is.

Claire decides to escape during the Castle’s Gathering. Jaime is nowhere to be seen for the first 25 minutes.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 2.03.13 PM

Dougal saves Claire from a bunch of drunken Scotts when she is about to be raped (or at least that’s the suggested intention), but this doesn’t stop her plans to flee the castle. Then, she meets Jaime who’s been hiding as he tries to avoid some problems with the MacKenzies at the Gathering.

I have to say these are the best scenes of the episode as Sam Heughan is genuinely able to render this character’s emotions and feelings. And he has a gorgeous face. Needless to say, Jaime solves his problems with the Clan, while Claire sees the end of her plans to escape.

The next day, when it’s time for the boar hunt, the register changes and the tone of the episode becomes once again darker with the death of one of Dougal’s men. 

Dougal lets Claire know that he will take her with him on the road as he makes the rounds on the MacKenzie lands. I believe that Dougal has his sight set on Claire and that he is going to be a serious rival for Jaime. We’ll see.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 2.02.48 PM


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