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Deliverance Creek – Nicholas Spark’s first TV project

Well under the radar lies Nicholas Spark’s first TV project Deliverance Creek.  I have to admit I find it rather strange.

First there was a very promising trailer months ago, then…nothing. After looking up further information, I find out that Deliverance Creek will air on Lifetime on 13th September 2014 as a TV movie and a backdoor pilot. I really hope it goes really well as I’d love to see something penned by Nicholas Sparks. (Although I took a break from his novels, I must confess I find it intriguing that he has ventured into this complex world of television.

The series stars Lauren Ambrose ( Six Feet Under) who plays the role of Belle Barlowe who turns outlaw in order to protect her family from the corrupt bankers. Aaaaa..there is also Skeet Ulrich ( how I missed him!)

Here is the trailer released months ago, plus some pictures taken from Lifetime.


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